Toxic Leadership

Toxic Leadership

Cavalry bones circa 1877, part of the aftermath at the scene of destruction of General Custer and his soldiers the year before. The direct and negative result of toxic leadership. (US National Archives)

Toxic leadership exists, at least seldomly, amid the various fiefdoms of the so-called Historical European Martial Arts Community. This is true because Humanity comprises this community. This is true despite howsoever highly said community thinks of itself. This is true of martial arts groups both great and small, whether dictatorship or democracy. This is true whether or not I say it is. This is true whether or not anybody acknowledges it. This is simply how it is.

If you presently suffer under such toxicity, being subject to a deameaning & endangering bully of a martial arts leader, then you need to get out and go your own way. It is that simple. I had to do so. You can do so too. These bad guys must be fought. They need to realise that No means No.

Ultimately, the Chivalric Arts are about power over oneself, and not about power over others.

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