To Sew or Not To Sew….

To Sew or Not To Sew….

So costume parties are not usually my thing but I do get the occasionally invitation now and then. Most of the time I am able to come up with an excuse to get me out of the inevitable problem of trying to assemble some type of costume in a mad panic an hour before I have to leave.  Well when my good friend of twenty years Jerry told he was having a medieval themed costume party for his up coming 50th birthday I could refuse the invitation.

I decided to go with something simply since I don’t have much experience in costume making, my choice was to make a simple tunic. As much as I love the idea of hand sewing with a bone needle like they did back in the day my time constraints mean I would need the help of modern technology to get this done on time, I needed a sewing machine. I headed over to the sewing sewing experts at and pickup up decent general purpose sewing machine. Then I went down to my local fabric store and pickup up a generous sized piece of fabric to craft my tunic. A quick search on youtube provided a few videos to help guide me on my sewing adventure, the one below was simple and to the point.

So after watching the video multiple times and messing around it just wasn’t coming together as easy as I had planned. I can’t really blame my shiny new Singer 9960, I think my lack sewing experience was the main culprit. This was easily resolved with a quick phone call to my sister who was more than happy to come over a school me on sewing. One hour later and my T-tunic was ready to go.


Now I just need to find a gallon of mead to take to the party!

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