The Long Game…

The Long Game…


Hello, Mr. Clements.

Let me just say that I know what you’re doing right now. You’re glued to your computer screen, digging through copious amounts of online history; or, you’re rooting through your files, trying to find some way to spin yet another defection. You’re wracking your fetid little brain for a way to deflect this, and you’ll continue to do so for quite some time. And rest assured, every last ounce of vexation that you’re now experiencing is well deserved.

It’s been a long game, Johnny boy. It began when you tried to derail our book. When you lied about Casper and slandered me on the private ARMA  E-list, hiding behind a veil (not so concealing, it turns out) of secrecy like the coward that you are. I’m cast in the same mold as Montresor, you see, and you are my Fortunato.

Hildolf’s defection had little to do with me, really. It was just a happy coincidence. But we came to one another’s attention, you could say. How? Well, let’s just say through certain channels (hinted at in Hildolf’s resignation letter) still active in your little “club.” Process that, John. I only tell you this because it’s already too late, and I enjoy watching you scramble.

Be careful what you say on the E-list, John. I’m watching.

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