Fighting for Mastership

Fighting for Mastership

Do you want mastery of the longsword?

Bugheads & Breeches : Hutton Vs Castle

Here is summary of what the German Fechtmeister of Historical European Fencing, most notably High Master Liechtenauer, told you to do to learn swordsmanship as a martial art for killing your foes in duels and wars, for comporting yourself well before kings, princes & lords, etcetera:
Learn wrestling first as the relevant foundation for combat training.
Learn to fight full-circle with noble Medieval weaponry of spear & longsword & dagger; and to become a good horseman, warrior and hero.
Learn the Art of Longsword Fencing (Kunst des Fechtens), itself & directly, from historical Fechtmeister and/or from their primary sources the Fechtbuecher, because they have fought in real swordfights & have trained other men to do so.
Here is summary of what the USFCA masters & minions tell you to do to learn swordsmanship as an athletic sport for competing in modern tourneys, for pleasing crowds and cameras, etcetera:
Learn Olympic Fencing first as an irrelevant distraction from combat training.
Learn to bout linerally with ludicrous unweaponry of fleuret, épée and so-called sabre; and to become a good sportsman, politician and businessman.
Learn the Sport of Longsword Fencing (Sport des Fechtens), analogously & indirectly, from USFCA masters, because somehow they know better, they have the magical pedagogy you need, they have all the answers already, etcetera, even though they neither ever fought in a real swordfight nor ever trained any men to do so.
Recall that I foresaw USFCA usurpation long ago and famously said at that time: I hope it fails.

Recently many pursuing Historical European Fencing – especially those engaged in the respectable pursuit of Sport des Fechtens – have worked themselves up into an ape-rage about USFCA historical fencing masters certification. Justifiably so, yet to no avail, despite much ranting & raving at InterWeb forums and at FakeBook. Indeed, although USFCA intends to certify “masters of historical fencing” in order to teach, supposedly, the historical art of fencing with the longsword, most do not even teach their own respectable version of historical fencing, i.e. classical fencing, with the ancestral weaponry (smallsword, rapier, sabre) directly related to their own unweaponry (fleuret, épée and so-called sabre).

As if all that were not enough reasons for opposition to the USFCA and their historical mastership claims, there are further: For they are pretenders to the throne. For they have done none of the work yet want all of the rewards. For they have demeaned and disparaged and dismissed the manly & noble longsword for centuries, even as they have miscalled their own ludicrous unweaponry by the name of “swords”. For they have done none of the worthwhile research and revival of the True Art that others – who owe absolutely nothing to either USFCA or FIE or Olympic Fencing – have indeed done.

The smug bastards had over 400 years, literally centuries, to do something meaningful to revive Kunst des Fechtens. Yet they did absolutely nothing that whole time – despite superior fame, wealth and prestige. The entire empire of FIE, including its vassal USFCA, simply wallowed in parochial incestuous nonaction. They failed to do anything worthwhile with the rich hoard of resources. They utterly squandered their time & energy on bullshit, and only showed recent interest when it seems that now they might make money by fooling rich-kid newcomers by monopolising mastership. Moreover, they lie to you that somehow their fencing has even more relevance to Fechten than, for example, a real sword-art like Kenjutsu self-evidently does. The only lot more arrogantly perverse & sickening are the sado-masochistic cenobytes of Mensur.

Instead, it was a bunch of “nobodies” these past 15 years – persons with backgrounds in jujitsu, judo, kenjitu, kendo, wrestling, pankraton, combatives, boxing, karate, equestrian, theatre, re-enactment, anachronism or even nothing – who did all the meaningful scholarship, presentation, logistics, promotion, and yes, fighting which have revived and advanced Kunst des Fechtens of the real three weapons of Ritterlich Kunst – spear, longsword, dagger – whether unarmoured or armoured, plus horsemanship, plus wrestling as the foundation, etcetera. You shall find nothing thereof taught in any Olympic Fencing salle anywhere.

Incidentally, FIE is merely part of a larger conspiratorial Cabal that means to force Historical Fencing to become part of its corrupt athletica at the cost of independent enterprise, if indeed, it be allowed to continue at all. Said Cabal means to repress our European peers by forcing them to pay for “licensing” or else become crushed by governmental legal action throughout the Old World. This Cabal are the same well-dressed lefty Euro-twits who run the EU, hand out undeserved Nobel peace-prizes to popularly elected American presidents, and sell out the rights of Women to demonic Sharia law. These same bastards contrive to deny our European brethren their birthright of owning sharp replicas of European swords, deny them the natural right to keep & bear arms, and intend to force them to join the FIE via its various cthulhulian tentacled national bureaus and become nice civilised little Olympic fencers, if indeed, they are allowed to do any fencing at all.

But sadly, Sport des Fechtens, you are at least somewhat to blame. Your sportification of the Art has set you up for USFCA usurpation. You did not pursue mastery of the Art, hence an undesirable & undeserving sporting authority shall now provide masters for your sport. That is because Kunst des Fechtens stopped being your goal. You devolved your activities into organising, competing & socialising. You forsook control of the fight somewhere along the way.

Furthermore, consider the hubris of the latest infamous propaganda video produced by FIE-president & Bond-villain Alisher Usmanov (the worst person to plague swordsmanship since the miniature dictator John Clements), which immediately & dishonestly equates aforesaid unweaponry with swords, stating: Since the dawn of civilisation, the sword has played an integral part in our history. These evildoers are trying to usurp the very Queen of Weapons. They equate a universal verity with their insular falsity. It is even more phony than the Zweihaender choreography that Hutton and Castle used to do for the Prince of Wales and other degenerate Victorian British royalty for the actual purpose of tricking otherwise decent honest Englishmen into eventually becoming sport fencers with aforesaid unweaponry. Surely Master Silver would despise their deceptive schemes.

Now consider this: If somebody took three kendoka, or three wrestlers, or three dancers, or three gymnasts, or three decathletes, and trained them properly in longsword fighting, exactly according to the 17 Hauptstuecke of the Liechtenauer College; and then someone else took three fleuret fencers and trained them in longsword fighting according to the USFCA pedagogy; then do you really think that somehow the USFCA is going to produce better Fechter than the Liechtenauer College would? Do you really think so? Do you?

In the event that you were unaware of their significance due to enduring abusive Soviet-style Olympic fencing coach punishments, allow me to enlighten you: The 17 Haupstuecke constitute a complete & sound methodology, indeed a system, if only one understands it and devotes seriously thereto. They are a full, orderly, logical & unified curriculum. They are, quite simply, the teachings of the masters. If only you would open your doors of perception and learn therefrom. If only.

And realise that making money from deserved mastery is not the issue. Indeed, Master Talhoffer made his deserved living via the Chivalric Arts. Even today there are some in Germany and elsewhere in Europe who are deservedly doing the same. The issue is not that of the deserving but that of the undeserving. That of false masters bilking all the smurflike newbies out their money – whether that be ARMA or USFCA or whatever goddamned acronym you like. Got a problem with any of those fascists or bolsheviks making a quick dishonest buck? Then find your libertarian instincts and start charging to teach, yet offer something worthwhile to learn according to the Art.

By the way: It is reasonable that a master should both teach well and fight well. I think that makes sense. However, some do not. Why is that? I mean, let us think about a modern-day Ringmeister: Lt. Col. Joseph “Cyborg” Shusko of USMC, the leader of MCMAP. Anybody who seriously studies Ringen and who is decently aware of him might well consider him the modern equivalent of Meister Ott. It is doubtless that he can teach combatives and fight viciously. In an unarmed fight, he would kill any Islamofascist or MMA champion on the Earth. His peers are few and far between. He gets to do what he does because of his mastery of his martial art. His is a masterly ideal that behooves us to aspire.

Thus said, Historical European Fencing, you do deserve better, and I do empathise. And I am here to offer you my help. I offer you the following dynamic yet realistic solutions. They are based upon the premise that the threat is really as bad as you think it be. So if that be true – let me repeat, if that be true – then this is exactly what you need to do, what you must do, if you are to defeat and to destroy the machinations of Olympic Fencing. This is what none thus far have dared to advise. This is how you shall avail yourselves and protect your realm:
Make them fight you. Go to their salles and challenge these Olympic historical masters to matches with blunt training longswords. Tell them why they are wrong and that you are there to correct them. Seek them out and call them out in every way that is lawfully allowed. If they happen to prevail, then they shall have proven themselves. Yet if you prevail, then you shall have proven yourselves. This should help distinguish the Leichmeister from the Fechtmeister.
Make your own masters. That is right! Just go ahead and do that. Do not let even those within your own ranks censor you or tell you otherwise. Indeed, some of our German peers already do that, and justify it autonomously, historically & practically. Just realise that those who call themselves masters must be willing to protect and prove themselves. That way Master is a valid title, however you may deem to define it – whether that be by prowess, teaching, charisma, or whatever. If you can keep it then you deserve it.
Make yourselves better, yea and verily, the best at longswording, the best at fencing with all the chivalric weaponry. Keep training and researching. Keep outdoing them at the Kunst des Fechtens. Do not make your standard tourney success, as they do, but instead make your standard martial ability. Be the best Men you can be.
There you have it, a relatively simple plan, yet it does offer decisive action. And really, my final feelings towards USFCA and FIE and Olympic Fencing are summed up by these Soundgarden lyrics:

I don’t care what you got
I don’t care what you need
I don’t want anything

Good luck all ye fellows of Historical European Fencing.

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