A Salute to Wiktenauer

A Salute to Wiktenauer


No, this isn’t a facetious post. I know that I have often ragged on this fine resource. I’ve even questioned its motives. But recently a dispute which I’ve been privately privy to was resolved. Moreover, it was handled with grace and dignity, (two traits I lack). I have been proven wrong, and I am truly glad for it.

I’ve just spent a couple of very enjoyable hours pouring over the site, as well. That it is an excellent resource simply cannot be denied. Indeed, if it had been around five years ago, I would have had a lot easier time disproving the fallacious statements of chowderheads. Not only that, but our work on Lessons on the English Longsword would have been much less difficult. It’s ironic, really: the very resource of which I would make an enemy, is in fact a priceless aide to my cause. And all for free, too. Not bad.

I don’t like eating crow, but I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly state a few things: Wiktenauer stands as an incomparable achievement in the indexing and cataloguing of the source materials. Mr. Chidester and Mr. Michels have accomplished much in a very short span of time; and more importantly, they have done so honestly and with a great deal of integrity. I admire honesty, and so I must congratulate them. Lastly, some of my remarks regarding this subject have stemmed from knee-jerk reactions, and that’s disgraceful. I therefore humbly offer my apologies. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

Veritatem fratribus testari,

-Brandon Paul Heslop.

Hugh Knight made me do it!

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