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Some visitors have experienced visualization problems due to the background colors being too strong, or the text being too thin. Since the overall visual outlook of the site depends on some of the characteristics of the device you're browsing with, my changing the text or the background may enhance the visualization for some of you, but also worsen it for others. Therefore, I suggest that those of you who are experiencing a poor visualization quality change the background and/or fonts directly in your browser. Here's how to do.

The site has been totally rebuilt: even if the graphical aspect has changed only slightly, the code has been completely rewritten and polished. Sorry for delaying so much adopting in toto an interoperable standard! Let me know if you experience any bug or find any error.

A new page of the site has been created: Dante's events. Currently it doesn't hold anything interesting, but it'll (hopefully) contain information about cultural events regarding Dante. You are encouraged to report any event you know that may be relevant.

Dante's Complete Work is now available also in PDF format and in LaTeX sources. You're welcome to report any problem or error you may encounter with them.

I've noticed that the guestbook was down for some time, due to a little technical problem which is now fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Furthermore, as you may notice looking at the bottom of this page, a new minimalistic counter is now implemented, since the previous one was also not working anymore. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep track of the previous counter value, so we're starting from 0 again.

In order to avoid mass email spamming, I've modified all the email addresses in the site so that now they're in the form "name (at) greatdante (dot) net". Of course, you just need to substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot). I'm sorry for the additional trouble, but email spamming was becoming really too heavy during the last months.

I've moved to the USA to attend abroad a term of my Master degree course. This means I'll probably be slower when answering your inquiries and some of them will be delayed till I'll be able to look up my books about Dante which I couldn't bring here. This will last approximately until the end of December. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience, but please keep visiting my site and sending comments and questions!

Again about the movie Hannibal, I did some corrections on the page about the existence of an entire opera about the Vita Nuova.

Many of you asked for information about Dante's references in the movie Hannibal. I hope this page answers some of your questions!

My deepest thoughts and prayers to all those victimized by the terrorist attacks
upon the United States of America.

Lo cielo i vostri movimenti inizia;
non dico tutti, ma, posto ch'i' 'l dica,
lume v'e' dato a bene e a malizia,
e libero voler; che, se fatica
ne le prime battaglie col ciel dura,
poi vince tutto, se ben si notrica.

[Heaven starts your actions;
not all of them but, even in this case,
you've been given the reason which can distinguish between good and evil,
and you've been also given free will; this may meet
with difficulties at first, but it wins everything in the end,
if it's fed with virtue, with the help of Heaven.]

Divina Commedia, Purgatorio, XVI, 73-78

Rai Radio 2, an Italian radio channel, broadcasted a program about the last four cantos of Dante's Paradiso held by prof. Franco Croce Bermondi, from University of Genoa during the month of August. If you're able to understand Italian, you can listen to the recordings of the program online at http://www.radio.rai.it/radio2/
On this page (in English) you can find out more information about the program and its contents.

I forward this from Denise Simone
Theatre SanGreal, a non-for-profit theatre group will be presenting Dante's Paradiso free outdoors at Midland Beach, Staten Island at 7 p.m. Aug. 31, Sept. 1, 2, 7, 8, 9. It is written and directed by Bill Conte.

I lovingly remember a great Italian man, Tuscan like Dante: the journalist Indro Montanelli, who's deceased yesterday.
A short resume of his life on this page.

One new link to new translations of Dante's works (including the Commedia).

A Commedia art gallery with some illustrations of the Divine Comedy is online.

One link to an English translation of the the Vita Nuova has been added.

Some language improvement to "his life" page. Thanks to Don Rogers for suggestions.

Dante Alighieri on the Web has its own Internet domain: please update your links to: http://www.greatdante.net
This site's new email address is: webmaster (at) greatdante (dot) net

Some minor graphics changes to the site which is now frameless.

Just some new links to Dante sites: try them out!

The "Dante's Burial" page is online. Read it to know about the recent news regarding Dante's ashes.

The Complete Work is finally online!

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is now online.

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